What is this site for? This site is our tribute to a great Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing (MMOcRPG) Game Warhammer Online, to our Friends and PvP Archenemies, in gratitude for lots of fun in this and many other MMO worlds. Our site will guide you through fantastic lands of great battles, heroic deaths, ruthless assassinations, un-imaginable wealth and fame. We thank EA Mythic for developing this great game, and Electronic Arts for Publishing it.

Made by Longwinter aka Soule, Lord Vaako aka Solnica and Hellmaker. Special thanks to all Mystical Awakening EU Guild for help with making this page, and personally to Woodmansee, Kroy, Kausten and others (even those who helped unintentionally:) whose names we do not remember now.
Additional "WAAAAAAGH!!!" to GRY-OnLine Forum. Cya in great world of Warhammer Online.


Tome of Knowledge

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning full Storyline chapters and warcamps with lore, maps and public quests listing.
Greenskin StorylineChaos StorylineDark Elf StorylineDwarf StorylineEmpire StorylineHigh Elf Storyline Capital CitiesDungeons

Warhammer Online Public Quest Listing public quests, lore, locations, stages. • Greenskin PQsChaos PQsDark Elf PQsDwarf PQsEmpire PQsHigh Elf PQsCapital Cities PQs

Scenarios maps, objectives, locations.

Achievements almost full list of Achievements, with groups, subgroups, tasks and lore from Tome of Knowledge. Locations and solutions uncompleted.

Bestiary Uncovered Bestiary list from Tome o Knowledge with categories, species subcategories, available species, tasks, descriptions and lore. Solutions uncompleted.

Noteworthy Persons Noteworthy Persons list from Tome of Knowledge with categories, locations and lore. Unfinished.

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Atlas of WAR

Maps with Chapters, Warcamps, Battle Objectives, Public Quests, NPCs, Tome of Knowledge entries, Quests and other. Scenario Maps. Constantly under development.
Dwarfs vs. Greenskins CampaignEmpire vs. Chaos CampaignHigh Elves vs. Dark Elves CampaignGame Maps

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WAR is Everywhere

Classes & Master Classes class details, archetype, special mechanics and master classes • Ironbreaker • Runepriest • Engineer • Bright Wizard • Warrior Priest • Witch Hunter • Swordmaster • Archmage • Shadow Warrior • White Lion • Black Orc • Goblin Shaman • Goblin Squig Herder • Chosen • Magus • Zealot • Marauder • Witch Elves • Disciple of Khaine • Sorceress

Abilities, Tactics and Morale Almost full listing for every master class with Racial and Archetypes. No level dependency.

Character Races in short some lore about Character Races and Realms. Order and Destruction. Dwarfs, Empire, High Elves, Greenskins, Chaos, Dark Elves.

Renown Abilities unfinished listing

Crafting and Gathering General information about Crafting and Gathering in WAR • ApothecaryButchering, Scavenging, and Cultivating

WAR Guild Ranks with description.

Renown Titles for every race

WAR Slash Console Commands and Emotes

General information about WAR WAR the PC cRPGMMO Game • subscription options • minimum PC system requirements

Cheats, exploits, trainers and free gold for Warhammer Online

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WAR News

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