Subcategory of Tradeskills

Description: There is nothing that costs have so much as a decent war. Arms, men, and supplies all cost fortunes, and more than one king has impoverished a kingdom with the size of his armies. When times are dire and the supplies run low, savvy warriors know that their enemies are the most abundant resource they have to call upon.

Available Achievements:

Butchered 50 corpses

Butchered 1,000 corpses

Butchered 50,000 corpses

Butchered 500,000 corpses

Scavenged 50 corpses

Scavenged 1,000 corpses

Scavenged 50,000 corpses

Scavenged 500,000 corpses

Cultivated 50 plants

Cultivated 1,000 plants

Cultivated 50,000 plants

Cultivated 500,000 plants

Salvaged 50 items

Salvaged 1,000 items

Salvaged 50,000 items

Salvaged 500,000 items

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