Subcategory of Career

Description: There is much to be earned in a world of strife, from the boons of a king to an eternity of damnation. Some strike a balance, acquiring the riches and knowledge of the world without letting their ambition ink their own death warrant.

Available Achievements:

Completed 25 tome unlocks

Completed 100 tome unlocks

Completed 777 tome unlocks

Completed 2000 tome unlocks

Completed 5000 tome unlocks

Won 25 duels

Won 250 duels

Won 2,500 duels

Won 25,000 duels

Lost 25 duels

Lost 250 duels

Lost 2,500 duels

Lost 25,000 duels

Changed last name 5 times

Changed last name 25 times

Changed last name 250 times

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