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Beasts The wild places of the world hold dangers all their own and many are the songs sung in honor of fallen heroes or foolish travelers laid low by the fangs and claws of monstrous creatures that stalk the forest, caves and fens of the world.

Birds Appearing in various sizes and colors, and native to any locale capable of supporting warm-blooded life, birds have served as inspirational symbols of swift retribution and hunting prowess for generations to many cultures.

Insects & Arachnids Varying in shape and size, insects can be found the world over in teeming numbers. Some species of insects are actually beneficial to the farmers and herbalist of the world, aiding in the propagation of crops and plant life. As with all things exposed to the warping effects of chaos, insects can grow to colossal size and prove dangerous to even man-sized creatures.

Reptiles Ranging from the enormous, ground shaking thunder lizards of the jungle-hells of Lustria to the stealthy and murderous Cold ones utilized as mounts by the Dark Elves, reptiles of all sorts of shapes and sizes have walked the face of the world for as long as anyone can remember.


Daemons of Khorne Lesser fragments of the overall whole that is Khorne, the Chaos god of war, murder, and rage, these daemons invariable share the need to shed blood and kill for the sheer sake of killing.

Daemons of Nurgle Reeking, fetid, and disgusting are but tame designations when used in describing the daemonic agents of the Lord of Decay. The Daemons of Nurgle offer nothing but a wasting death to whomever they can wound with their rusted weapons or those too slow to avoid their filth-encrusted fangs.

Daemons of Slaanesh Much like the Chaos god of their parentage, the daemons of Slaanesh are beguiling creatures born from the unwholesome thoughts of mortal minds.

Daemons of Tzeentch Worldly manifestations of the Changer of Ways, daemons of Tzeentch are creatures of unpredictability and perpetual energy, bounding toward their victims with the promise of a gory, if not fiery death.

Unmarked Daemons Along with the myriad forms the servants of the chaos gods may take, there are other creatures that slip free of the Realm of Chaos to plague mortal beings. While weak in comparison to the minions of the Dark gods, these beings are capable of incredible amounts destruction to weak and defenseless victims.


Beastmen Known as the Children of Chaos, the numberless hordes of creatures born can be found in every corner of the world. Without exception, they are brutish and cruel creatures united in service to the Dark gods and their loathing for the race of men.

Dwarfs Counted amongst the elder races, the great clans of the Dwarfs were old when the world was young. They are a stout and resolute people, kept strong by their unbending dedication to tradition and noble spirit.

Elves The Elves of Ulthuan are amongst the oldest and most accomplished of all the races to grace the face of the world. Though now a culture entering its twilight, they are still a capable people up to the challenge of securing their place in the world.

Greenskins Though collectively referred to by the name "Greenskin", there are many distinct subspecies that fall under the all-inclusive title. What is without variation however, is that all Greenskins are malicious and violent.

Humans Youngest of the civilized people, the race of man can be found in every corner of the world. Drawn from numerous cultures and traditions, the Humans that populate the world are a diverse and dynamic people, struggling for their continued existence.

Ogres Massive in both size as well as appetite the Ogres are a race of hulking brutes that can be found the world over plying their trade as capable, if dim-witted, mercenaries.

Skaven None can say for sure where these vile Rat-men first originated, but what is well known is that they hold nothing but malicious intent for the other races of the world. They lay claim to a vast underground kingdom and where all manner of devious if not ingenious devices are constructed to terrorize the unsuspecting world above.


Chaos Breeds With constant exposure to the warping influences of chaos it is inevitable that the creatures of the world change and mutate into wild new shapes, lacking any semblance of harmony with natural order. The alterations wrought on normal creatures can include a range horrific physical metamorphosis to the increase of mental abilities facilitating the ability to speak as men do.

Dragonoids Eons before any of the other sentient creatures of the world crawled from the relative safety caves to and marvel at them, the race of Dragons flew the skies. Immensely powerful and capable of terrible destruction the dragons known to the contemporary world are but lesser versions of their gargantuan and majestic ancestors.

Giants Descendants of a once mighty race of beings known now simply as the Sky Titans, the giants of the contemporary world are a shallow and sad echo of what was once a proud and noble race. Some say, that they are conscious of the fact that they are all that remain of a long lost greatness of some forgotten age. The scattered giants of the world seem to exist only to lose themselves in wanton violence and alcohol induced dormancy.

Magical Beasts Far beyond the reckoning of even the elder races has the raw essence of magic seeped into the world of mortals. In ancient times the winds of magic blew strong and covered the planet with its corrupting influence seeping into the land and blood and bones of living things. Many of the creatures born of that tumultuous age exist to this very day, both as creatures of noble legend and terrible nightmare.

Trolls Hulking and monstrous, Trolls have existed in the dark places of the world for as long as anyone can remember. Trolls are a diverse species, with variations as different as the lands in which they can be found. Lacking anything close to true intelligence Trolls are instead compensated with monstrous strength, the ability to digest any material and the capacity to heal almost any wound.


Forest Spirits There are old places in the world, places that have lain untouched and undisturbed by the tread of mortal steps since before the arrival of chaos. It is said that in some of these primordial places, the forests are conscious and willful, with minds laden with hatred and malice for the other races of the world.


Constructs Standing as silent guardians over the holdings of their long dead masters, the creations of the Nehekharan Liche Priests have lost none of the potency instill within then at the time of their creation. They serve now as they have always, waiting to destroy those foolish enough to defile those places deemed sacred to the Tomb Kings.

Greater Undead While capable of incredible acts of nobility and valor, the race of man is also known for diabolical avarice. Relatively speaking, the years of men are short fleeting sparks when compared to life spans of the elder races. When the covetous minds of men focus on longevity beyond what is naturally permitted, it is to the foul arts of Necromancy to which they turn.

Skeletons Few are the places in the world that go untouched by the ravages of war. For generations, countless warriors of every race and creed have fought and died across the world's battlefields. It is far too often the case that the wounded are left to die and rot where they fell. To those versed in the black arts of necromancy, such dead can be infused with the morbid energies of dark magic, and commanded to fight once again.

Spirits The mortal world is a dire place of ceaseless sorrow and deepest regret. It is a world of unending wars, famine and pestilence where hope is a commodity as precious as silver or gold. It is said that should a mortal meet his end tragically his soul maybe given reason to linger amongst the living, seeking the peace of the grave.

Wights Before the founding of the Empire the ancient tribes of men were led by warrior Chiefs that at the time of their deaths were interred along with their finest weapons and treasures in crude but lasting crypts. Protected by powerful wards to prevent defilement, these long dead kings slumbered for centuries. However the world of mortals is saturated with magic which gathers like so much dust and should a tomb lie where the most malignant of this raw magic pools, its occupant may be impelled to rise.

Zombies It is a widely known fact that the dead do not rest easy. In the foreboding places of the world where dark magic pools, the graves of mortal being are left wanting for occupants. Zombies are the weakest of the minions brought to bear by foul necromancers. Their lack of ability in combat is more than made up for by their teeming numbers.

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