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Lore I: Unicorns make their homes deep within sacred forests, such as Athel Loren. Like the woodlands that they call home, Unicorns are wild and unpredictable. Unlike most wild beasts, they seem to be capable of independent thought. Further, they appear to have the ability to see either the inherent goodness in people, or to identify the wicked for what they are.

Lore II: Very few beings in the world can claim to have ridden a Unicorn. It is said that only one or two Wood Elf maidens in a generation are judged pure enough to ride such a beast into battle. Unicorns will only submit to being ridden on their own terms. They will die rather than be forced to wear a bit and saddle.

Lore III: Unicorn

Tasks for Unicorn Tome entries:

1. Encounter a Unicorn

2. A Little Off the Neck

3. Kill 25 Unicorns

4. Kill 100 Unicorns

5. Kill 1,000 Unicorns

6. Kill 10,000 Unicorns





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