Winged Nightmare

Constructs | Undead

Lore I: A Winged Nightmare is a horrifying sight to behold. Composed of an amalgam of varying parts and appendages garnered from any number of beasts, a Winged Nightmare can only be called into being by the most powerful Necromancers, who must meld the component parts into a single being.

Once constructed, the creature is reanimated with the power of the Purple Winds, and is brought under the complete control of its creator.

Lore II: If the galloping charge of a Nightmare is enough to scatter entire units of troops on the field of battle, the sight of a Vampire Lord entering the battle on the back of a Winged Nightmare can send entire armies fleeing in terror.

Lore III: Winged Nightmare

Tasks for Winged Nightmare Tome entries:

1. Encounter a Winged Nightmare

2. Clip Its Wings

3. Kill 25 Winged Nightmares

4. Kill 100 Winged Nightmares

5. Kill 1,000 Winged Nightmares

6. Kill 10,000 Winged Nightmares





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