Chaos Spawn, Bloodbeast of Khorne

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Lore I: The Bloodbeast is a type of Chaos Spawn that has inherited the characteristics of its patron god. Like all aspects of Khorne, the Bloodbeast is a battle-maddened creature that lives only to take lives and harvest skulls in the name of the Blood God.

Lore II: Brimming with mindless fury, the Bloodbeast charges headlong into battle, not caring whom or what it is engaged with. Tentacles tipped with razor-sharp barbs, rippling with corded muscle and dripping with gore, whip and lash at foes as the creature charges its foes.

Lore III: "Aye, I know a thing or two about the dark powers, lad. I've killed one of their monsters with my own bare hands! Up north, it was, not far from Karak Ungor. My clansmen and I were chasing rumors of a new Gromril vein - which, blast the luck, proved untrue! - when we were attacked by a great beast the color of fresh-spilt blood. All muscle and sinew it was, and strong as twenty Dwarfs! While the other lads kept it occupied, I leapt upon its back and swung my axe at any appendage that looked important! By Grungni, what a smell! It took a fortnight to wash all the stench and gore from my beard."

- Furkrin Grimzinsson, Breadmaster, Karaz-a-Karak

Tasks for Chaos Spawn, Bloodbeast of Khorne Tome entries:

1. Encounter a Bloodbeast of Khorne

2. Khor Plop

3. Kill 25 Bloodbeasts of Khorne

4. Broken Bones

5. Kill 100 Bloodbeasts of Khorne

6. Kill 1,000 Bloodbeasts of Khorne

7. Kill 10,000 Bloodbeasts of Khorne




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