Ghost, Banshee

Spirits | Undead

Lore I: A Banshee is the incorporeal Spirit of an evil woman whose will was so strong that she has been able to prevent her soul from departing this world. Never will such a creature be called to account for her crimes in life, and she will forever roam this world, angry and resentful of the living.

Lore II: The Banshee emits a howl of bitter hatred that can cause terror in even the most resolute of warriors. Lesser men have been known to die of fright upon hearing the keening wail of a Banshee.

Lore III: "We call 'er the White Lady of the Marsh. In life she were the daughter of a wealthy nobleman, and 'er name were Aldreda Ohrsten. From 'er young years, it were clear that 'er soul were touched by darkness. She conspired to kill 'er own father and all three brothers besides, all to get 'er filthy 'ands on the family fortune.

"A life o' pleasures she lived, and many men she took to 'er bed, though few lived long thereafter. When rumor reached the village that 'er manor had become a refuge for worshippers of evil, we sealed the doors and burned it to the ground. We heard 'er screams then as we do now, though they've become a bit more deadly since, I'll wager!"

-Norris Streckenbach, tavernkeeper

Tasks for Ghost, Banshee Tome entries:

1. Encounter a Banshee

2. Wails for Eva

3. Kill 25 Banshee

4. Kill 100 Banshee

5. Kill 1,000 Banshee

6. Kill 10,000 Banshee





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