Subcategory of Animals

Description: The wild places of the world hold dangers all their own and many are the songs sung in honor of fallen heroes or foolish travelers laid low by the fangs and claws of monstrous creatures that stalk the forest, caves and fens of the world.

Available Species:

Basilisk Giant lizards with the power to petrify any man or beast that meets their cold-blooded gaze, Basilisks are creatures that have been warped by Chaos into something more malevolent than natural.

Bat, Giant Unlike its smaller cousins, the Giant Bat is not strictly nocturnal. Reports of the beasts carrying off prey in the midday sun are commonplace.

Bear Though they are revered in the north by the Kislevites, common bears are a deadly nuisance to those who frequent the wilderness of the Empire.

Boar Often used by woodsmen for rooting out grubs, truffles, and other buried delicacies from the earth, wild boars can be deadly opponents once roused to battle. For this reason, they are widely used as combat mounts among the greenskin races.

Great Cat The great cats stalk prey both large and small, pouncing from the shadows, not hesitating to bring down a man if the opportunity presents itself.

Hound Ubiquitous companions of man, hounds of all shapes and sizes live alongside their masters in the settlements of the Empire. While some dogs are beloved pets, others are used for hunting or guard duty. Because of the varied nature of the species, each breed has its own purpose.

Rhinox Like a horned mountain with legs, the Rhinox is a foul-tempered, enormous beast that can wreak havoc when roused. Under the control of their Ogre masters, who breed them as mounts; their focused fury can be twice as devastating.

Wolf The howl of a Wolf is an unnerving melody, and serves to remind many of the Empire's citizens that no matter how urbane their towns may seem, the wilderness is never far away.

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