Daemons of Nurgle

Subcategory of Daemons

Description: Reeking, fetid, and disgusting are but tame designations when used in describing the daemonic agents of the Lord of Decay. The Daemons of Nurgle offer nothing but a wasting death to whomever they can wound with their rusted weapons or those too slow to avoid their filth-encrusted fangs.

Available Species:

When the hordes of Nurgle have grown great and the area is thick with the stench of disease and the slime of mutation, the Slime Hounds of Nurgle will crawl out from the depths to feed. Taking the form of a massive, black-spotted slug, the monster is a terrible amalgamation of razor sharp teeth, useless limbs, and barbed tentacles. It seems as if whatever mutations were left after creating his Spawns, the Father of Flies gifted these terrible creatures.

Chaos Spawn, Plaguebeast of Nurgle A seething mass of boils, lashing limbs, and diseased mouths, the Plaguebeast of Nurgle is a Chaos Spawn devoted to the Lord of Decay.

Great Unclean One The very embodiment of Nurgle, the Great Unclean Ones are Greater Daemons devoted to the service of the Lord of Decay. Their presence spreads virulent and debilitating poxes, seeding the air around them with contagion.

Nurgling The tiny Daemons known as Nurglings spread disease and mayhem amongst the enemies of Father Nurgle. Nurglings are rarely found alone, and will band together in a swarm of filthy teeth and claws, enabling them to bring down a target many times their size.

Plaguebearer The arrival of Plaguebearers upon the field of battle is often preceded by a gurgling litany that floats upon the wind like an airborne infection. The chanting starts slowly, quietly, eventually rising to a hacking, bubbling crescendo that burbles, phlegm-like, as the Plaguebearers recite the names of Father Nurgle's favored creations.

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