Subcategory of Humanoids

Description: Known as the Children of Chaos, the numberless hordes of creatures born can be found in every corner of the world. Without exception, they are brutish and cruel creatures united in service to the Dark gods and their loathing for the race of men.

Available Species:

Beastman, Bestigor The Bestigors are the biggest and meanest of the common Beastmen. They're stronger and more disciplined than their smaller brethren, and are usually better-armed.

Beastman, Bray Shaman Bray Shamans are the only Beastmen with the capacity to use magic, and are thus held in awe and fear by their brethren. Because of their power and relative scarcity, it is a great taboo within Beastman society, such as it is, to harm a Bray Shaman. Even the most powerful chieftains fear and respect the Bray Shamans of their tribes.

Beastman, Gor Easily distinguished from their smaller kin, Gors are marked by prominent horns that jut from atop their shaggy heads. For a Gor, the possession of a large set of horns grants it an immediate and tangible mark that denotes rank and status among the herd.

Beastman, Ungor Smaller, weaker, and generally less dangerous than their larger brothers, the Ungors exist near the bottom rung of Beastman society. Their small stature and vestigial horns mean that they will forever be looked down upon by the larger and more spectacularly-horned Gors and Bestigors.

Doombull Doombulls are larger and far more intelligent than their kin, the Minotaurs. Like normal Minotaurs, they are slow-witted when compared to Beastmen. One rarely needs worry about strategy when one is as strong and resilient as a Doombull.

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