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Description: The Elves of Ulthuan are amongst the oldest and most accomplished of all the races to grace the face of the world. Though now a culture entering its twilight, they are still a capable people up to the challenge of securing their place in the world.

Available Species:

Dark Elf Long ago, when Chaos was first unleashed upon the world, the Elven champion Aenarion drew the dread Sword of Khaine from its altar and used its terrible power to save his people from annihilation. The blade carried a curse that poisoned the bloodline of Aenarion, and so when he passed on at last from the world, the Elves were unwilling to appoint his son Malekith to be the next Phoenix King. In retaliation, Malekith engineered a terrible civil war that divided the race of Elves into two factions.

Dark Elf, Assassins & Witch Elves Which Elves can be found wherever the forces of the Witch King gather en masse for war. A warrior cult that is exclusively comprised of females, the Witch Elves eschew any form of armor. Instead, they rely on their natural litheness and celerity to avoid enemy attacks. To these vicious killers, the battlefield is a sanctified place for offering up the deaths of their foes to Khaine, the Elf god of war.

Dark Elf, Blood Priests & Hags The devotees of this unique cult can trace their origins to the Dark Elf city of Clar Karond. According to legend, the Noble houses of this decadent city would offer members of their own families to the blood-slicked alters of Khaine in hopes of garnering their war god's favor before setting out to sea on raids. Some of these would-be victims were set aside to learn the arts of assassination, while others were singled out for enigmatic purposes known only to the Hag Queens of the Witch Elf temples.

Dark Elf, Shade To a race given to raiding and pillaging as an accepted and encouraged societal norm, the twisted Dark Elves that form the ranks of the Black Guard espouse yet another characteristic: hate. At his very core, every member of the Dark Elf warrior elite nurses a bitter hatred that borders on madness. No living thing is exempt from this loathing, and though fueled by such intense emotion, he is not found wanting in matters of discipline. To the contrary, the iron will of the Witch King, combined with countless years of training, has focused his deeply-rooted maliciousness, and molded this hard-bitten Elf and his cohorts into a cadre of fighters feared the world over.

Dark Elf, Sorceror All Elves are attuned to the ebb and flow of magic. With training and patience, the High Elves have learned to weave the eight Winds of Magic into potent spells to serve various needs. The Dark Elves of Naggaroth see the mastery of magic quite differently. To these steel-willed arcanists, the ambient magic that exists in the world is to be dominated and manipulated as they see fit. Skill of magic gained through patience, subtlety, and discipline is considered a crutch for those without the will to hammer the Winds of Magic into servitude.

High Elf The High Elves are an ancient people with a history that spans millennia. While the ancestors of man were little more than cave-dwelling primitives, the Elves built magnificent cities of glittering silver and white marble on their island home of Ulthuan. Elf scholars and explorers were the first to chart the stars and sail the world's oceans. The Elves were also the first race to mount an organized defense against the invading hordes of Chaos, beginning a war that continues to the present day.

High Elf, Archmage It is little wonder that the greatest reliquary of Elven magical knowledge also serves to warehouse the finest works of art and literature the world has ever seen. The White Tower of Saphery is not to be mistaken for a simple museum, for it serves as a place of higher learning for the most scholarly of pursuits. It is here that Elves deemed worthy to learn the ancient ways of magic are sent.

High Elf, Seer Given their slight build and inhuman grace, it easy to understand why a casual observer might think an Elf would be less capable in the arts of war compared to stout Dwarfs or robust Humans. The woodsmen of Chrace completely dispel such misconceptions. If their physical presence does not suffice, the monstrous predatory cats these Elves travel with tend to reinforce the point.

High Elf, Shadow Warrior When Malekith rose up in treacherous revolt against the Phoenix King and his servants, the majority of his followers came from the area of Ulthuan known as Nagarythe. Before the civil war that irrevocably divided the Elven people, Nagarythe is said to have been the greatest of all the kingdoms of Ulthuan. It was from Nagarythe that the first Phoenix King, Aenarion the Defender, held court. There were some Elves of Nagarythe that believed Malekith unfit to rule, and chose instead to support Bel-Shanaar as Aenarion's successor.

Though he was eventually defeated and forced to flee the lands of his birth, Malekith was not without resources. At the end of the civil war, the Sorceresses in the Witch King's service cast a spell that tore fragments of Ulthuan free, thereby forming the Black Arks. The resulting damage to the Island continent resulted in most of Nagarythe being swallowed by the sea, and the Elves that lived there became disinherited nomads.

High Elf, Swordmaster It was under the Scholar-King Bel-Korhadris that the White Tower of Saphery was first designed and constructed. Gathering the foremost architects, artisans, and magicians of his age, Bel-Korhadris dedicated vast resources into building what he envisioned as a massive repository of Elven knowledge. His endeavor would take near a millennia to complete, but when finished it would stand as a gathering place for the greatest minds to share the most esoteric histories and lore. The completion of the White Tower ushered in what would later be known as the Second Golden age. It is from this glorious era that the Swordmasters can trace their origins.

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