Subcategory of Humanoids

Description: Youngest of the civilized people, the race of man can be found in every corner of the world. Drawn from numerous cultures and traditions, the Humans that populate the world are a diverse and dynamic people, struggling for their continued existence.

Available Species:

Chaos In the icy wastes north of Kislev dwell nomadic tribes of barbarians collectively known as the Northmen. Because the barren tundra lacks the food to sustain them, the Northmen raid and pillage the more civilized lands to the south.

Chaos, Chosen A Chosen Champion of Tzeentch is a sight to behold. Warped by the blessings of the Lord of Change, these hulking behemoths have the power and size to match even the mightiest of mortal creatures. Their thick Chaos armor can ward off punishing blows, while the fell weapons they wield can cleave through the heaviest defenses.

These "blessings" come at a price: the Chosen is beholden to Tzeentch, and must constantly strive to earn his favor. For the Chosen of Tzeentch, this means more than mere slaughter and death. In order to earn the grace of the Changer of Ways, the Chosen must apply guile and trickery as much as brute force. Only through careful planning and deliberate carnage can a Chosen of Tzeentch find the true favor of his god.

Chaos, Magus Unlike the Wizards of the empire or the learned mages of the Elves, the spell-binders found amongst the barbarian hordes of the north are receive little in the way of traditional training in their art. Those selected by the Dark Gods to receive the ability to cast spells are held in high esteem by the tribesmen of the north, for they have been singled out and granted vast and terrible powers. For generations, these sorcerers have served as advisors to the tribes, interpreting the will of the gods as well as calling forth the daemonic allies from the Realm of Chaos. It is also not uncommon for especially powerful Magi to simply usurp control of a war host should they feel it would better facilitate their own ends and the ambitions of the gods.

Chaos, Warrior There are many considerations that a warrior must consider when he faces the vast hordes of Chaos' mortal followers. While a pious Witch Hunter must match wits with a cunning cultist that is adept at hiding within the folds of civilized society, a field commander that must do battle with a teeming force of savages from the north contends with warriors that have been fighting since they were able to stand. None can say how many of these barbarous warriors exist, for the tribes that they are gathered into constantly battle one another.

Chaos, Zealot The Ruinous Powers have many gifts to offer their mortal followers and enemies alike. Some of them are quite terrible, but some of them powerful. Zealots are among the most devout of the followers of the gods of Chaos, and it is they who are called upon to convey the will of Chaos to their minions. It is Zealots who mark the followers of their patron deity, and who are charged with spreading their faith to the vulnerable and needy masses. They are not subtle cultists, but zealous preachers, and they offer open obedience to their dark masters.

Drakk Cultist Ages ago, a great black Dragon, Azorgaron, and the Dwarf Runelords of old fought for dominance of the lands surrounding Thunder Mountain. Azorgaron was a titan of the Winds and the Runelords were armed with the legendary Anvils of Doom. It was an epic battle that shook Thunder Mountain to its very core.

When it was over, the Dragon was wounded but triumphant. The great beast took to rest deep within the bowels of Thunder Mountain, sleeping as he recovered from his wounds.

In his sleep, Azorgaron lays at the center of the earth in his Hall of Dreams, awaiting the call of the old ones. The Great Wyrm does not sleep quietly, and his dreams call to those around him resulting in a cult that has sprung up around him.

Empire The Empire is composed of the human descendants of Sigmar, who united the tribes of men at the Battle of Black Fire Pass. Sigmar was deified after the battle, and his promise of eternal aid to the kingdom of Dwarfs still stands today. This action solidified the relationship between men and Dwarfs, and planted the seeds of the burgeoning Empire through trade. Today, the Empire is led by Emperor Karl Franz, who rules from his seat in the city-state of Altdorf.

Empire, Bright Wizard The Bright Wizard is a master of destruction by magic, and a specialist in fire. Fire is at the heart of his every ability, and indeed at the heart of the Wizard himself. Using the power of Aqshy, the mystical Wind of fire, he can lay waste to swaths of enemies, or incinerate select foes with white hot energy. His magic feeds upon itself, upon the enemy, and upon the Wizard. Embracing the fires within his mind, the Bright Wizard himself is engulfed in flame. He directs this inferno against his foes, filling them with searing power until they burst, incinerated by arcane flames so hot they threaten to ignite the air itself.

Empire, Knight of the Blazing Sun The Knights of the Blazing Sun are an order of templars devoted to the cult of Myrmidia, goddess of warfare and protector of civilization. While the order began in the southern portions of the Old World, its members have spread throughout the Empire in recent centuries. Each Knight has spent a lifetime in both physical and mental training, and it is the latter that differentiates them from other warriors in the Old World. Though they are fierce, the Knights of the Blazing Sun rarely travel in large units. In small groups and individually, the Knights of the Blazing Sun travel the Empire seeking opportunities to test their skills, serve as advisors and commanders, and prove themselves on the battlefield.

Empire, Warrior Priest A Warrior Priest of Sigmar is a fearsome master of battle and tireless defender of the faith. These holy warriors are the hammer of the church, serving to defend the Empire and further the goals of the church. A deadly melee fighter, the Warrior Priest relies on the blessings of his god to protect him in combat. His zeal for battle further reinforces his Righteous Fury, spreading that strength to his companions and allies. With the might of the divine strengthening his arm and protecting the faithful, the Warrior Priest is a lethal combatant and potent supporting character all at the same time.

Empire, Witch Hunter The Witch Hunter is a tireless foe of Chaos, dark magic and witchery of all kinds. As the taint of Chaos continues to spread, and more people are drawn to the dark arts, the Witch Hunters' role has become increasingly important to the Empire. Fast, cunning, and deadly, they dispense merciless judgment upon any who serve Chaos. While the people of the Empire agree that the Witch Hunters' work is critically important, rare is the citizen who does not feel pangs of dread when they lay eyes upon one. It is understood that most Witch Hunters would sooner burn an entire village to the ground than see a single follower of Chaos go free.

Ghoul Contrary to popular belief, Ghouls are not undead. Rather, they are the twisted and misshapen remains of people that have given into a horrifying compulsion to consume the flesh of other human beings, living or dead.

Shunned by other humans and disdained by sentient Undead, Ghouls operate on the lowest rungs of society, living on the fringes and hiding in the shadows.

Outlaw The hinterlands of the Empire are full of miscreants and other bandits who prey upon their fellow man for no other reason other than financial gain. How a locality deals with such a threat varies, but in most cases a large reward is offered for the capture or execution of the bandit and his compatriots.

Plague Victim Perhaps it is some measure of mercy that the victims of the Chaos Plague fall ill so quickly. Those who have contracted the virulent affliction rarely last more than a week or two before the disease overcomes them. Though they suffer mightily during that time, it is over quickly, at least for them.

For those who have to deal with the monsters that rise in their place, it is a different story altogether.

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