Subcategory of Humanoids

Description: Massive in both size as well as appetite the Ogres are a race of hulking brutes that can be found the world over plying their trade as capable, if dim-witted, mercenaries.

Available Species:

Gorger Gorgers are the result of the Ogre practice of tossing those young born without a paunch into darkened warrens below their settlements. There, the infant Ogres are at the mercy of a thousand different enemies, all of which are hungry.

Cast into darkness amid certain death, the young Gorger must learn to fight, adapt, and hide if he is to live. If he survives, the Gorger will feed upon whatever he can lay his claws into, even other Gorgers.

Ogre An adult male Ogre is known as a Bull. Bulls make up the majority of Ogre society. An Ogre army will be composed of a high percentage of Bulls who bellow, club, and stomp through anyone foolish enough to oppose them.

Ogre Bulls carry massive clubs that they use to deadly effect, smashing anything they hit into tiny bits.

Ogre, Chaos Tyrants are the Chieftains of Ogre tribes. This is not a hereditary title. Rather, it is one earned by virtue of the Tyrant being the biggest, meanest and most skilled combatant in the tribe. Succession in an Ogre tribe is determined by personal combat, and the loser is eaten by the victor.

Yhetee Great white shaggy beasts thought to be descended from Ogres; Yhetees live in packs high atop the Mountains of Mourn. There, they hunt and kill while waiting for the Ogres to summon them for battle.

Yhetees are perfectly adapted for the frigid environment they call home. Even away from the mountaintops, their bodies exude an aura of frost. Their breath is like the howling wind of a winter storm, freezing skin and air with ease.

Yhetees are feral and animalistic, barely capable of any thought other than their next meal. They are possessed of a great cunning that allows them to use their environment as a weapon against potential prey.

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