Subcategory of Humanoids

Description: None can say for sure where these vile Rat-men first originated, but what is well known is that they hold nothing but malicious intent for the other races of the world. They lay claim to a vast underground kingdom and where all manner of devious if not ingenious devices are constructed to terrorize the unsuspecting world above.

Available Species:

Rat Ogre Rat Ogres are the byproduct of years of surgical experimentation, selective breeding, and Warpstone enhancement to Clan Rat stock by the so-called Master Mutators of Clan Moulder. The massively-muscled beasts are led into battle by cruel packmasters like beasts of burden, seemingly incapable of rational or independent thought. They live only to serve.

Skaven Skaven were born of Warpstone and Chaos. Often mistaken for a form of Beastman, Skaven are a race unto themselves. Like the rats which spawned them, Skaven live in vast warrens beneath the cities of men, just out of sight. Most humans are completely oblivious to their presence. To them, the Skaven exist only as bogeymen in tales used to frighten children. Meanwhile, the Skaven and their mysterious Council of Thirteen are free to plot the downfall of the human race.

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