Chaos Breeds

Subcategory of Monsters

Description: With constant exposure to the warping influences of chaos it is inevitable that the creatures of the world change and mutate into wild new shapes, lacking any semblance of harmony with natural order. The alterations wrought on normal creatures can include a range horrific physical metamorphosis to the increase of mental abilities facilitating the ability to speak as men do.

Available Species:

While vermin and insects of all shapes and sizes are hardly a rare occurrence in the Warhammer World, maggots are an especially common pest. The numerous dead of the battlefield provide these creatures an inexhaustible feast, and unlike other vermin, maggots will gorge themselves on the Orc and human flesh alike. Not even the corrupted corpse of a mutant or the arcane essence of an elf will keep the beasts at bay.

Centigor Centigors are beasts of Chaos. They have the upper torso of a man combined with the lower body of a hoofed beast, such as a horse or an ox.

Centigors are not Beastmen in the strictest sense, being more beast than man, but they will occasionally venture forth from their homes within the forests of the Old World to march beside a particularly powerful Beastherd.

Chaos Mutant The warping influence of Chaos is everywhere. Despite the best efforts of the Cult of Sigmar and the Witch Hunters, the Ruinous Powers still take root in places throughout the Empire.

The Dark Gods often grant their gifts to whomever they are able, whether they are welcome or not. Those born with mutations are often hidden away to protect them from the crusading Witch Hunters, others are killed outright. Neither option leads to a long or healthy life.

Dragon Ogre With the upper body of an Ogre and the lower torso of a scaly quadruped, the Dragon Ogre is a fearsome sight. The Dragon Ogres, or Shartaks, as they prefer to be called, are revered by the Beastmen and other worshippers of Chaos.

Like Dragons, Dragon Ogres spend the majority of their long lives slumbering deep within hidden mountain caves. There, the Dragon Ogres await the most powerful of thunderstorms, whose booming echoes they regard as heralds of battle.

Flayerkin Flayerkin are twisted Chaos Marauders who have replaced their hands with wickedly sharp hooks and claws. These claws serve a dual purpose: First, they are extremely effective weapons, as they are an extension of the Marauder's arms. Second, they allow the Flayerkin to gain purchase on nearly any vertical surface.

Harpy Harpies are winged creatures that are found almost exclusively amongst the lands of the Dark Elves. They have the lithe bodies of Elven females with beautiful, if bestial, visages. Their similarities to humanoids end there, for, leathery wings sprout from their backs, and a Harpy's legs end in bird-like feet that terminate in razor-sharp talons, like those of a raptor. With their wings and claws, the Harpies hunt and kill with a savage cruelty that would seem to eliminate any belief that they are anything other than monstrous beasts.

Tuskgor Tuskgors are the result of wild boars that have been tainted by the warping influence of the Ruinous Powers. Their heads are festooned with multiple razor-sharp tusks, jutting out at odd angles to rend and tear anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up in their path.

Anyone 'lucky' enough to survive the goring of a Tuskgor charge is likely to wind up trampled under the beast's hooves and its several hundred pounds of porcine flesh.

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