Magical Beasts

Subcategory of Monsters

Description: Far beyond the reckoning of even the elder races has the raw essence of magic seeped into the world of mortals. In ancient times the winds of magic blew strong and covered the planet with its corrupting influence seeping into the land and blood and bones of living things. Many of the creatures born of that tumultuous age exist to this very day, both as creatures of noble legend and terrible nightmare.

Available Species:

Very little is understood about the true nature of magic. The place of its origin, the consistency of its being are all grand mysteries that the sentient minds of the mortal world have hungered for more clues for generations, uncounted. What goes without question however, is that when left in its unchannelled, raw state, magic exists and effects the world of men with a complete disregard, if not utter abhorrence for the laws of nature.

Cockatrice Cockatrices would, at first glance, seem to be comical creatures. Their appearance is certainly bizarre, for they have the heads of roosters and lizard-like bodies that end in a scaly tail.

Griffon The Griffon is a sacred symbol in the Empire. So sacred, that it is not by coincidence that the Order of the Griffon was so-named. Karl Franz himself enters battle on the back of Deathclaw, his personal Griffon mount.

Griffons are odd-looking beasts, though their appearance makes them no less deadly to their foes. They possess the head, wings, and forelegs of a powerful raptor, melded onto the rear legs and torso of a lion. Whatever accident or mutation led to their creation has long since been forgotten.

Manticore Manticores, at first glance, would appear to be gross parodies of Griffons. The Manticore looks to be an unholy union of a wyvern with a lion. Leathery wyvern's wings and a barbed tail, dripping with poison, extend from the leonine body of a Manticore.

To top off the horrific image, the Manticore's halo of lion's mane surrounds a frighteningly humanoid face, seemingly capable of displaying emotion, though no one has ever described a Manticore's visage as displaying anything other than abject hatred.

Pegasus Pegasi are winged horses that, in their natural state, live in aeries high above the lands of men. Pegasi intended to be raised as mounts must be acquired from one of these nests, as they cannot be foaled and bred by men or they will lose their ability to fly.

While they may appear to be graceful beasts, they are every bit as sturdy as well-trained warhorses. When carrying riders they are fearless, and will employ their mighty hooves with deadly accuracy.

Unicorn Unicorns make their homes deep within sacred forests, such as Athel Loren. Like the woodlands that they call home, Unicorns are wild and unpredictable. Unlike most wild beasts, they seem to be capable of independent thought. Further, they appear to have the ability to see either the inherent goodness in people, or to identify the wicked for what they are.

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