Subcategory of Monsters

Description: Eons before any of the other sentient creatures of the world crawled from the relative safety caves to and marvel at them, the race of Dragons flew the skies. Immensely powerful and capable of terrible destruction the dragons known to the contemporary world are but lesser versions of their gargantuan and majestic ancestors.

Available Species:

Broken One There are few creatures as massive as the War Hydras of the Dark Elves, and only the most ancient of dragons and greatest of daemons can boast of superior might. A titanic core of muscle sprouting several serpentine heads, War Hydras are capable of rending their enemies with fang and claw as easily as crushing them with their immense bulk. Their hulking body is even capable of regenerating the most grievous wounds, making the War Hydra ideal for breaking the most determined defenses. Indeed, War Hydras are most often seen in the center of battle, trampling men beneath their stride and spewing gouts of flame from their many sinister heads.

Dragon Dragons are enormous and awe-inspiring creatures that live for centuries, growing more powerful as they age. Few folk have laid eyes upon a Dragon, though the Elves seem to have a greater kinship with the massive reptiles than any other race, perhaps due to their similarly lengthy life spans.

Many Dragons are aloof at best and disdainful at worst when it comes to the younger races of the world. They are capricious in this regard, sometimes opting to involve themselves in the affairs of men. At other times, they are content to sit back and do nothing.

Wyvern While there are few beasts as ill-tempered and unpredictable as a greenskin, the Wyvern seems to fit the bill admirably. The massive creatures can be mistaken for Dragons from a distance, but no Dragon would submit to being ridden by a being as ignoble as an Orc.

Wyverns have vast leathery wings that allow them to fly, and a long, sinuous tail that drips with deadly venom. Formidable combatants in their own right, Wyverns are doubly dangerous when they choose to allow Orc warriors of great power to be borne into battle upon their backs.

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