Subcategory of Monsters

Description: Descendants of a once mighty race of beings known now simply as the Sky Titans, the giants of the contemporary world are a shallow and sad echo of what was once a proud and noble race. Some say, that they are conscious of the fact that they are all that remain of a long lost greatness of some forgotten age. The scattered giants of the world seem to exist only to lose themselves in wanton violence and alcohol induced dormancy.

Available Species:

Giant Giants are, well, giant. They are peculiar creatures who tower over all other humanoid races. It is rumored that the Giants were once part of a single civilization, but there is no proof of this having been the case. For one thing, Giants seem to lack the mental capacity for the organized thought necessary for such a thing to occur.

Today, Giants are scattered throughout the Old World, most content to live amongst the
"littl'uns" as soldiers of fortune in exchange for a steady supply of food and drink.

In between their many feedings, Giants are warriors of frightening effectiveness, as long as they're steered in the proper direction. A Giant's club can pulp an entire unit of troops, to say nothing of those who have the misfortune to end up as a mid-fight snack.

Giant, Chaos Giants make their lairs in rocky and mountainous regions. As such, a large portion of them live in Troll Country and areas near the Chaos Wastes.

Unfortunately, even beings with the constitution possessed by Giants are subject to the warping influence of Chaos and are forever changed.

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