Subcategory of Monsters

Description: Hulking and monstrous, Trolls have existed in the dark places of the world for as long as anyone can remember. Trolls are a diverse species, with variations as different as the lands in which they can be found. Lacking anything close to true intelligence Trolls are instead compensated with monstrous strength, the ability to digest any material and the capacity to heal almost any wound.

Available Species:

Troll Trolls are huge, nasty creatures that can wreak havoc whenever they venture too close to civilization. They have the ability to shrug off all but the most horrific wounds, and they possess razor sharp claws that can tear a man to ribbons.

In lieu of their claws, trolls will sometimes use a club, pounding their target into a bloody mess.

Trolls are staggeringly dim, and can be out-witted easily if you fail to avoid a conflict in the first place.

Troll, Chaos When a common Troll is subjected to the warping effects of Chaos, an already fearsome creature becomes even more terrifying. The Troll's ability to shrug off wounds, along with its prodigious physical strength and its corrosive vomit, are all enhanced by the introduction of random physical mutations brought on by its exposure to Chaos.

Troll, River River Trolls live at the bottom of fresh bodies of water. The water rarely stays fresh for long once they've settled in. It is very difficult to remove a River Troll once it has become entrenched in a body of water.

Like others of its breed, the River Troll can regenerate all but the most hideous wounds, and can spew acidic vomit at anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within range.

Troll, Stone Stone Trolls dwell in mountainous regions. They use their corrosive stomach acids to consume rocks and stones, thus taking advantage of a food resource for which they have little competition.

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