Forest Spirits

Subcategory of Plants

Description: There are old places in the world, places that have lain untouched and undisturbed by the tread of mortal steps since before the arrival of chaos. It is said that in some of these primordial places, the forests are conscious and willful, with minds laden with hatred and malice for the other races of the world.

Available Species:

The oldest of forest spirits are the enormous Treemen of legend, creatures said to be so ancient as to have shepherded the oldest forests of the world long before the Elves first took shelter under their boughs. Able to crush soldiers and siege equally well beneath their gargantuan limbs, only giants can hope to impede their strength. Even then one must contend with bark as hard as any mail, and a will as implacable as nature itself.

Dryad Dryads are far from the kindly forest spirits so often described in myth. They are cold, heartless, and vicious creatures who have no capacity for mercy and no empathy for anything save the forest that they call their home.

Like most forest spirits, Dryads can change their forms at will. Which form they choose to display to an outsider depends upon whether or not that person has angered the Dryads or not.

Spite Spites are capricious nature spirits that inhabit forests within the Old World. They are mercurial and quick to direct their anger upon anyone who offends them.

As they can change their appearance at will, Spites come in any number of sizes, shapes, and guises. In their purest form, Spites exist as small spheres of ghostly light.

Treekin Tree Kin in their normal state manifest as small, glowing orbs. However, they are more than capable of changing their shape and appearance at will.

When they or their homes are threatened, Tree Kin will meld with the form of a dead tree, animating it to their will and moving silently through the forest. Once in this form, a Tree Kin becomes a formidable fighter, with toughened skin and sharpened claws.

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