Subcategory of Undead

Description: Standing as silent guardians over the holdings of their long dead masters, the creations of the Nehekharan Liche Priests have lost none of the potency instill within then at the time of their creation. They serve now as they have always, waiting to destroy those foolish enough to defile those places deemed sacred to the Tomb Kings.

Available Species:

In a world of monsters and daemons, ancient sorcery and dark gods, the presence of magical animated guardians and servants should be of little surprise. Only the most potent magics can hope to power such enchantments, and few last for very long. Only in the most astonishingly powerful locations could such and object last longer.

Undead Construct Bone Giants, despite their name, are not the animated remains of a single Giant. Rather, they are the amalgamated pieces of many other dead beings melded into an Undead creature of great size, and which is held together by the darkest magical power.

Winged Nightmare A Winged Nightmare is a horrifying sight to behold. Composed of an amalgam of varying parts and appendages garnered from any number of beasts, a Winged Nightmare can only be called into being by the most powerful Necromancers, who must meld the component parts into a single being.

Once constructed, the creature is reanimated with the power of the Purple Winds, and is brought under the complete control of its creator.

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