Greater Undead

Subcategory of Undead

Description: While capable of incredible acts of nobility and valor, the race of man is also known for diabolical avarice. Relatively speaking, the years of men are short fleeting sparks when compared to life spans of the elder races. When the covetous minds of men focus on longevity beyond what is naturally permitted, it is to the foul arts of Necromancy to which they turn.

Available Species:

Liche The majority of Necromancers who turn to the study of the Dark Arts in order to stave off the effects of death wind up insane, incorporeal Wraiths, or dead.

There are some who find a way to beat the odds. These are Liches, beings with such a mastery of the Purple Wind that they've managed to arrest decay within their own bodies long after death and time should have claimed them.

Vampire Vampires are the lords of the dead, ruling over vast armies of Undead and other evil minions. They feed upon the blood of the living and are an order of magnitude stronger than a normal man.

Whichever bloodline the dread creatures belong to, be it Strigoi, Lahmia, Nechrach, or the noble houses of the Blood Dragons and Von Carsteins, Vampires are a blight upon the world of the living.

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