Subcategory of Undead

Description: Few are the places in the world that go untouched by the ravages of war. For generations, countless warriors of every race and creed have fought and died across the world's battlefields. It is far too often the case that the wounded are left to die and rot where they fell. To those versed in the black arts of necromancy, such dead can be infused with the morbid energies of dark magic, and commanded to fight once again.

Available Species:

Skeleton The Old World is a contentious place. The remains of battles hard-fought, but long since forgotten, can be found under nearly every patch of earth. Many of the dead were left as they fell, while others were buried in mass graves, but all surrendered to the passage of time as the flesh moldered from their bones, and the earth swallowed them whole.

Now, at the beck and call of a Necromancer, the bones of the fallen warriors can be awakened so that they may fight once more.

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