Subcategory of Undead

Description: The mortal world is a dire place of ceaseless sorrow and deepest regret. It is a world of unending wars, famine and pestilence where hope is a commodity as precious as silver or gold. It is said that should a mortal meet his end tragically his soul maybe given reason to linger amongst the living, seeking the peace of the grave.

Available Species:

Ghost, Banshee A Banshee is the incorporeal Spirit of an evil woman whose will was so strong that she has been able to prevent her soul from departing this world. Never will such a creature be called to account for her crimes in life, and she will forever roam this world, angry and resentful of the living.

Ghost, Spirit Host There are many battlefields throughout the Old World where the fallen were left to rot where they lay, or were buried in mass graves far from their homelands. When so many warriors are killed at a single time, they rarely rest easy.

A Necromancer of prodigious skill can awaken these spirits, calling them to war once again. The spirits fight in a great host, refusing to forsake those whom they once fought beside, even in death.

Ghost, Wraith When a powerful Wizard or Necromancer approaches the end of his life, he will often turn to the forces of darkness in order to find a way to defy his own mortality.

More often than not, these endeavors fail.

In failure, the experimenter is left without a corporeal form, doomed to walk the world as a Wraith.

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