Insects & Arachnids

Subcategory of Animals

Description: Varying in shape and size, insects can be found the world over in teeming numbers. Some species of insects are actually beneficial to the farmers and herbalist of the world, aiding in the propagation of crops and plant life. As with all things exposed to the warping effects of chaos, insects can grow to colossal size and prove dangerous to even man-sized creatures.

Available Species:

Scorpion, Giant Like its arachnid kin, the giant spider, the giant scorpion is a gargantuan example of its species. Hundreds of times larger than a normal scorpion, the giant scorpion dispatches its prey with claws the size of wagon wheels and a stinger like an assassin's dagger.

Spider, Giant There are hundreds of different species of arachnid in the world, and their appearance varies wildly based upon their surroundings and their proximity to the warping influence of Chaos.

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