Unmarked Daemons

Subcategory of Daemons

Description: Along with the myriad forms the servants of the chaos gods may take, there are other creatures that slip free of the Realm of Chaos to plague mortal beings. While weak in comparison to the minions of the Dark gods, these beings are capable of incredible amounts destruction to weak and defenseless victims.

Available Species:

Floating serenely in nearly every corner of the Inevitable City, the Watchers of Tzeentch silently observe the events of the city. The Watchers are anchored to the ground by thick chains, and are little more than seemingly harmless, if unsettling, eyeballs. However, few interfere with their vigil, less they risk the wrath of powers unseen.

"At first you think they're just here to serve like the rest of us. You start sizing them up, thinking about how much stronger you are, what glory will be yours with so many of those weaklings around. Then you realize that they're all dead and gone, eternally serving some long forgotten master, and suddenly they seem a little too similar for comfort."

Chaos Fury Weakest of the Daemons, the Chaos Fury is cowardly compared to its larger cousins. They are well aware of their standing within the hierarchy of Daemons, and defer to all others of the Daemonic host save Nurglings.

Chaos Hound Chaos Warhounds are large and vicious examples of normal warhounds. The terrible breed is tainted not only by the bloodthirsty nature of their masters, but also the warping effects of Chaos itself.

Chaos Spawn The "gifts" granted to the mortal servants of the dark gods are varied and quite real and quite potent To those who are afforded the dubious attentions of the utterly inhuman Chaos gods may find their strength increased or their senses sharpened far beyond the norm. Such rewards come at a price for the Chaos gods are capricious and have no reckoning of excess in the sense that a mortal mind comprehends it. More often than not, the beneficiary of too many gifts is stripped of both their humanity and their sanity.

Chaos Tentacle Whether the Daemonvine is merely a mutated form of plant or a Daemonic being in and of itself is a mystery no one has survived to solve. Whatever the beast may be, it is most assuredly deadly.

Daemon Prince For those mortals that seek the favor the Dark Gods, there is no greater gift than the blessing of daemonhood. Only the few mortals whose service to the Ruinous Powers does not end in death or madness may aspire to this goal, and a lucky few among them will be lifted up to stand as princes among the daemons, second only to the Greater Daemons themselves.

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