Daemons of Khorne

Subcategory of Daemons

Description: Lesser fragments of the overall whole that is Khorne, the Chaos god of war, murder, and rage, these daemons invariable share the need to shed blood and kill for the sheer sake of killing.

Available Species:

Bloodletter of Khorne Daemons dripping with gore and wielding massive blades, Bloodletters are the very embodiment of Khorne's will. They have no other purpose but to kill and shed blood.

Bloodthirster of Khorne Terrible to behold and overwhelming in its rage, the Bloodthirster is the primary aspect of Khorne on this plane. With its cruelly-barbed whip and scything rune axe, the Bloodthirster can dispatch entire armies in seconds.

Chaos Spawn, Bloodbeast of Khorne The Bloodbeast is a type of Chaos Spawn that has inherited the characteristics of its patron god. Like all aspects of Khorne, the Bloodbeast is a battle-maddened creature that lives only to take lives and harvest skulls in the name of the Blood God.

Fleshhound of Khorne The Flesh Hounds are the harbingers of Khorne. They thunder across the battlefield, running their victims down with wild abandon.

Juggernaut of Khorne Juggernauts are the steeds of Khorne. They are massive Daemons cloaked in sheets of steel and brass. Juggernauts are ridden into battle by powerful minions of Khorne, for only those possessed of exceptional willpower can hope to control the raging beast.

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