Battle brothers and sisters re-join the fight!

7/8/2009 by war-europe.com
The battle had been long and the hills were littered with bodies of fallen warriors. The forces of Destruction and Order had been fighting for days on end and the heavy toll the massacre had taken on either side was beginning to show. Attacks became less frequent and, for the first time since the start of the battle, some of the forces were considering a retreat.

Then a sound caught the attention of the troops. At first a slow and steady rumble but then increasing in both force as well as tempo it soon grew strong enough to make the fighters back away from each other to prepare for what was approaching. Both sides were relieved and enthralled when they saw that the sound had been made by their approaching battle brothers and sisters!

The reinforcements came over the hills, some riding their fierce mounts and some on foot, more and more poured over the ridges and straight into the fight. The tired and wounded forces soon recognized many of their veteran friends, some lost and others presumed dead, all of them returning into the fray on this glorious day of battle!

Reinvigorated by return of many of their friends the armies celebrated by once again doing what they do best: bashing each othersí skulls in!

Today we've launched the Re-Enlistment program and those of you whose WAR account has not been active since the end of May will receive an email with a link which will grant you 10 free days of game-time. To welcome you back we've granted everybody playing WAR a 10% XP and Renown bonus (which stacks with any server bonuses you may already have).

Those of you who have recently re-subscribed you donít need to worry; if you have received the email the 10 days will be added to your current subscription when clicking the link.

Welcome back, and see you on the battlefield!

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