Grab Bag 49

7/10/2009 by war-europe.com
The Developers over at Mythic have answered another batch of great questions from our players! AoE has been a hot topic lately, and here's an example of what you'll see in this week's Grab Bag:

Q. AoE is king at the moment, but some AoE is where it needs to be right now and does not need any change up or down. One example is the DoK's DE, which can only hit four targets and does very minimal damage. Will AoE receive across-the-board changes, or will each ability be given a case-by-case examination?

A. The next patch will include a comprehensive review and adjustment of all AoE abilities. We're trying to not fundamentally change these abilities (so the basic functionality, number of targets, effects, etc. will remain the same), and we're instead focusing on making sure that the outputs of the abilities are more reasonably balanced. Our overall goal is to reduce the overall amount of AoE damage that goes flying around the battlefield, so most abilities will end up seeing at least a small reduction in damage if nothing else.

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