Recent Hotfixes

7/14/2009 by war-europe.com
Good day! Here's the latest batch of tweaks and fixes. Enjoy!

Land of the Dead

General Changes & Bug Fixes
Players who defeat King Amenemhetum will properly receive credit towards the Fifth Fragment of the Superior Ward.
Players who deafeat Saa Khasef, Bennu Apeht, Hapu Shebikef, and Tsekani Heyafa will properly receive credit towards the Fifth Fragment of the Greater Ward.
Fixed an issue that was causing players to be teleported from areas near the Order warcamp to the Library of Zandri.

Realm vs. Realm

Capital Cities
Fixed an issue that could in some cases cause Torvug to become unattackable, giving an erroneous “target out of range” message to players.

Open RvR
Battlefield Objective domination timers will now reset only when the attackers have killed the defending guards and captured the flag.

Players will now receive Renown for capturing a zone while they are in the Scenario associated with that zone.

WAR News

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