The Public Test Server is now open!

7/16/2009 by war-europe.com
You may have read the Producer's Letter from yesterday (if not check it out!) and thought to yourself "How long am I going to have to wait to sink my teeth into 1.3.0b?"

The answer? As long as it takes you to patch your PTS client!

Gaining access to the PTS is simple: open the folder where you've installed Warhammer Online and instead of running warpatch.exe, run testpatch.exe instead. This will launch the patcher which will update your client with the newest test version of the game. In order to copy existing characters from the Live servers to the PTS, just Log in, choose My Profile and you'll find Character Server Copy in the bottom of the list.

It's been about a month since 1.3 rolled your way and we started discussing "The future of WAR." Since you've been fighting in the sands and exploring the ancient Necropolis of Zandri and Tomb of the Vulture Lord, we've been working tirelessly to bring some of our goals to life.

1.3.0b primarily focuses on Combat & Career changes with an emphasis on area-of-effect and crowd control abilities, in addition to delivering the revised Mastery trees and improvements for the Archmage and Shaman. To top it all off, we've got a host of other tasty changes to better sate your appetite.

We're not done yet though, and this is only one step of many we have planned for accomplishing the goals we set out to achieve with the release of 1.3. So, read on for the 1.3.0b PTS Highlights and Patch Notes, and join us for the PTS of 1.3.0b. Be sure to visit the official forums to share your feedback and help to squash any bugs you come across!

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