Career Spotlight: Shadow Warrior

8/12/2009 by war-europe.com
"Donít worry about the death of a Dark Elf. They have chosen their way and it leads them into utter darkness. Our cousins chose death the moment they raised their hands against the Phoenix King. They chose death when they buried Nagarythe under the waves. We will have peace. When the last Dark Elf is dead, when their lands have been cleansed from the dirt that has fallen upon them, when their Keeps have been abandoned and destroyed - then Nagarythe will be avenged. Then we will have peace."

High Elves are characterised by cool gallantry and calm dignity - however, those are characteristics that do not really apply to a Shadow Warrior. This week, our German Community Manager Laetitia "Ryoshu" Ory turns her attention to the special career of the Shadow Warrior and illustrates several aspects that make this career so unique in WAR, click here to read on.

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