Hotfix Notes

8/14/2009 by war-europe.com
In our constant efforts to squat bugs and improve Warhammer Online we have implemented the following hotfixes:

Combat and Careers

Archetype Morale Abilities
Broad Swings: Fixed a bug which prevented this ability from triggering correctly.

Uncaring Dismissal: This ability will now knock enemies back for the correct distance.
Life’s End: Fixed a bug which prevented this ability from triggering correctly.

Breath of Tzeentch: This ability will no longer give the caster knockback/root immunity.


The monsters “Screamer” and “Horror” will no longer drop Expedition Resources.


Bilerot Burrow

- Corrected an issue causing Bilerot Plaguebeast’s exploding tumors to do much more damage than intended.
- Fixed Ssyridian Morbidae’s Rotting Zymosis ability. This point-blank area-of-effect atrophy debuff will now reduce everyone’s damage and healing effectiveness by 90%, including his own.

Barthalameous the Sickly
Death’s Head splash damage and Nurgling spawn radius has been reduced to match the visual effect for this ability.
Nurglings spawned from Death’s Head will once again die after one hit.
Barthalamus’ damage output will increase as intended with his enrage triggered when a Nurgling is killed near him.

The Bile Lord
Will no longer periodically auto-attack players before eating them.
Will no longer cast Defile Ground or Spew upon regurgitating players.
The ‘Being Eaten’ disable debuff is now immediately removed upon entering the Bile Lord’s innards.
Will now properly reset after a wipe.


- Bloodlord Armor: An issue was fixed that causes certain pieces of Bloodlord armor to be rarer than others.
- Potions: Fixed an issue in which the “Thorn” damage shield potions would dispel potion buffs from enemy targets.
- Scorpion’s Shroud: This special promotional item will now work properly.
- Serpent’s Shroud: This special promotional item will now work properly.
- Renown merchants who sell the Vengeance renown gear will now properly sell all of the appropriate items.
- All Renown items are once again dyeable.

Land of the Dead

Tomb of the Vulture Lord

Public Quests
Regiment of Khsar: An issue related to knockdown immunity on the Hand of Ualatp boss has been fixed.

Realm vs. Realm

Open RvR

RvR Influence will be awarded normally in the Tier 1 GvD and HvD RvR areas.

WAR News

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