Armor Sets Revamp: Part 1

8/20/2009 by war-europe.com
Armour sets are an integral part of WAR. Not only are they a key functional aspect of the game, but they're also a badge of honor, a visual display of all the hard work you've put into your character. We often get feedback from you, our players, requesting more diversity between the armour sets, especially in Tier 4 where it really counts.

Your requests have not gone unheard! For the past few months, our items and art teams have been hard at work redesigning the look of every armour set in the game. We'd like give you a glimpse of what's in store by showing you before and after shots of some of the most popular Tier 4 armour sets. We have six careers to show you today, but fear not, more will come! Read on!

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