Development Diary: Main City PQ

8/20/2009 by war-europe.com
When writing these things, I always wonder where to start. And inevitably, I always start at the beginning. I am predictable like that. So, let me begin by introducing myself. I am Stuart Zissu, the RvR Strike Team Lead. I have been in this position since shortly after launch, but I was actually a member of the RvR team dating all the way back to April of 08. Being the lead on a team like this means I find myself with the responsibility of nurturing one of the core features of our game. A big part of the nurturing process is listening to what you, the players, are saying and then balancing that with the design and direction of the system. I think we can all agree that RvR has had some big changes as of late, and many of those ideas have started as a seed, planted by some of you. In this article, I would like to talk about one of those seeds: The Main City PQ.

We managed to hunt down Stuart Zissu the RVR Strike Team Lead and in exchange for his release forced him to give us insights into the challenges faced when making changes to the Main City PQ. If you're interested in getting a glimpse of what drove these changes and how your feedback shapes the future of RVR then. Read on!

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