The Wild Hunt Begins

8/31/2009 by war-europe.com
Starting on Tuesday, September 1st, we present you with the opportunity to find out whether you are mighty hunters or merely prey with WAR's upcoming live event: The Wild Hunt!

The Elven God of the Hunt has stalked the mortal lands since time immemorial. Year in and year out, the High Elves gather to honor Kurnous with a sacred hunt, where the best of the best try to prove themselves Master Hunters in the eyes of the greatest hunter of them all.

Experience the thrill of our newest live event, with Public Quests in all Elven RvR lakes, unique rewards and, last but certainly not least, our exclusive new event dungeon, the Hunter's Vale!

You can find more details about the event as well as the background in our special features.

Following The Wild Hunt Live Event, we have a few fun weekend-only events planned to celebrate our one-year anniversary. These weekend events feature special versions of the Mourkain Temple (September 11-14), Gates of Ekrund (September 18-21), and Temple of Isha (September 25-28) Scenarios.

Throughout September for WAR's one-year anniversary celebration, exclusive anniversary items, including Halfling Pies and the Jubilee Cloak, will be delivered via in-game mail to all players. Fans that have waged non-stop war for the past year* will be rewarded with a special Veteran Reward, the WAR Aegis, and a unique title 'Weapon of WAR'. When used, the WAR Aegis increases all experience and Renown gain for all players in the area by 10% for one minute, every ten minutes.

In addition to all players receiving a 20% experience and Renown bonus throughout the month of September, enemies defeated in RvR combat will drop fireworks, exploding stout, and other unique limited-edition anniversary items.

In order to facilitate the start of the Wild Hunt event we will perform a short maintenance on all European Live servers tomorrow, Tuesday. Work will commence at 09:00CEST / 08:00GMT+1 and end by 11:00CEST / 10:00GMT+1.

* - Players who have had an uninterrupted subscription from October 18, 2008 on will automatically get the veteran's reward (the WAR Aegis) and title ('Weapon of WAR'). Players who subscribed after that date, or players who have left at once point and since returned to WAR, will be eligible for the veteran's reward and title upon reaching one cumulative year of subscribed time.

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