Drok Gunash

Drok Gunash Noteworthy Person

Rally Master, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Black Fire Pass

Lore: Two Orcs stood guard atop a rocky bluff, a camp made up of crudely-fashioned huts and ramshackle guard towers behind them.

''Oi, Grimzag,'' said one guard to the other.

''Wot you want, Kurbog?'' replied the second guard.

''Dat Orc wot came through here today and said he was takin' charge o' fings, dat Skargor. Have you ever seen an Orc wot's as big as him?''

''No I haven't. Dey say he's Grumlok's best enforcer, and when you get a visit from Skargor and his lads, you know you're in trouble.''

Kurbog's brow furrowed. ''So wot you make o' dis new boss we got, Drok? He's one of Skargor's lads.''

''Well dat's easy, Kurbog. I fink you better do exactly wot he says, or yer gonna end up like all dem Moonfang Gobs we ran into today.''

''Right you is, Grim, right you is.''

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