Skargor Noteworthy Person

Rally Master, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Black Fire Pass

Lore: ''We been followin' Grumlok since da Bloody Sun Boyz got started, and where is we now? Sure, we took dat one stunty city, but since den, wot? How long is we gonna have to wait before da Waaagh! gets started, and we can show dem stunties what da Bloody Sunz can really do?

''All Grumlok wants to do is sit 'round an' wait, an' da stunties and da humies is gainin' more ground on us every day! If fings keep us like dis, we's gonna lose everyfing wot we got! Dat's why when I's got enough of you boyz wiv' me, I'm gonna march up to da gates of Eight Peaks and tell Grumlok dat he's got a challenger. Den when I've got old Grum's head on a pike, I'll get dis Waaagh! back on track!''

''Wot do you lot say? Is you wiv' me, or am I gonna have to make an example of yer?''

- Skargor, would-be leader of the Bloody Sun Boyz

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