Splinta Noteworthy Person

Rally Master, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Mount Bloodhorn

Lore: ''Get ya stabba outta me face, oaf! Ain't ya heard of me? I'm Bruza's Gobbo. You cut me up, and he'll thrash ya wif his cleava! I ain't no ordinary Gobbo, I does Waaagh! magic. I got better uses den to feed a bunch of 'ungry orcs  put me down. Just put me down, and Bruza don't need ta hear about none of dis. Da stunties is comin', you want I should make a nice Fist of Mork spell, yeah? Maybe I make ya a nice fungus brew, before da stunties get here? I'll do a nice dance, an' sing all da gud old Orc battle-songs for ya!''

- Splinta, Shaman of Bruza's Warcamp

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