Shaz Da Bleeda

Shaz Da Bleeda Noteworthy Person

Warcamp NPC, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Black Crag

Lore: ''Any stunty army wot's thinkin' bout attackin' Eight Peaks has to go through Black Crag to do it. Dat's why Grumlok picked Shaz da Bleeda to be in charge o' da ladz in the Crag. Shaz'll see to it dat dere's greenskins in every nook an' cranny of da crag, just spoilin' fer a chance to scrap wiv da stunties.

''Da stunties might get into da crag, but dey ain't comin' back out.''

- Gazbag, Shaman of the Bloody Sun Boyz and adviser to Warlord Grumlok

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