Grumlok Noteworthy Person

Object, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Inevitable City (Peaceful)

Lore: ''My plan to prod the greenskins into action against our enemies has met with success. Though the leader, Grumlok, is little more than a witless savage, the , Gazbag, possesses the low cunning typical of his race. He soon saw the wisdom of my plan to attack the , starting with the fortress at Karak Eight Peaks.

''With the hands of the Dwarfs so bound, the Emperor of men will be forced to call upon our hated kin in Ulthuan for aid against the coming Chaos invasion. When our weak-blooded cousins depart for the distant shores of the Empire, the way will be made clear for our attack.''''

- Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth

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