Rottoof Noteworthy Person

Rally Master, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Barak Varr

Lore: Deep in the Marshes of Madness, Bonerender and his crew were hiding near the side of a road. The Goblin sentries had spotted an approaching Dwarf wagon, and it would be passing this particular bend any minute now.

As the greenskins waited to spring their trap, one of the Goblins whispered anxiously to the group's leader. ''Boss Bonerender. Ain't you worried dat da One Tusks up by da stunty port is gonna mess up da Bloody Sun Boyz plans? If dem One Tusks march off and attack dat stunty port, all da other Orcs an' Gobs is gonna fink Warlord Grumlok's orders don't mean nuffink!''

Bonerender growled his reply, clearly annoyed by the question. ''Da One Tusks ain't gonna do nuffink what we don't want 'em to. I sent Rottoof to take care of it.''

''You sent Rottoof? Oh, sorry Boss. Dat was a stupid fing for me to say, den.''

Bonerender glared. ''Shut yer gob, Gob! Here comes dat stunty wagon!''

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