Malgrog Noteworthy Person

Rally Master, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Barak Varr

Lore: ''The Orcs and Goblins burst into the city, laying waste to all in their path. I beat a retreat to the docks, where I boarded the Griffon's Wing. We shoved off in great haste, and only narrowly avoided taking on a boarding party of Goblins.

Just then, I caught sight of the leader of the greenskins' forces. This was a giant brute of a Black Orc who, with but one swing of his great blade, felled three courageous Dwarf guardsmen. I heard the other Orcs shout his name in a triumphant chorus. 'Malgrog! Malgrog!'''

- From ''An Account of the Fall of Barak Varr'' by Captain Alric Behn

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