Mobash Noteworthy Person

Rally Master, Greenskin, Destruction

location: Barak Varr

Lore: With most of his tribe having been killed in Nogaz's foolhardy attack on the Port of Barak Varr, Mobash now found himself in charge of what was left of the One Tusks.

''Wot we gonna do now, boss?'' asked the Goblin named Heem. He was one of a dozen or so One Tusk Orcs and Goblins gathered around Mobash.

Mobash looked over at the band of Bloody Sun Boyz warriors waiting nearby, then turned his eyes to the great grey Dwarf ironclad that had run aground on the sand. ''Da Bloody Sun Boyz have made us an offer, and we's gonna take it. First, dey help us get to da stunty king wot's holed up in dat boat, den we ain't One Tusks no more. We's Bloody Sun Boyz, and we join da big Waaagh! at Eight Peaks.''

With a great cry of ''Waaagh!'' the assembled greenskins roared their approval. At last, they'd get to join the biggest and strongest tribe of greenskins in all the Old World.

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