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Marauder Abilities
Flail Swipes opponent for X DAMAGE. If Mutated, will hit an additional time for X DAMAGE.
Throw Axe Throwing axe that will deal X DAMAGE to your prey.
Gift of Savagery You are imbued with the Gift of Savagery, warping and twisting the flesh of your arm into a savage claw. This grants you improved Weapon Skill and Initiative as well as the ability to launch powerful claw attacks.
Rend You tear into your target, dealing X DAMAGE immediately and an additional X DAMAGE over X SECONDS. The X DAMAGE over time will stack with itself up to three times.
Debilitate A deliberate attack that inflicts X DAMAGE and Cripples your target, reducing their movement speed by X% for X SECONDS.
Mouth Of Tzeentch Tzeentch's dark words pour from your mouth, interrupting any spells being cast in front of you, and inflicting X DAMAGE to all in range.
Gift of Brutality You are imbued with the Gift of Brutality, warping and twisting the flesh of your arm into a brutal blade. This grants you improved Strength and Initiative as well as the ability to launch powerful blade attacks
Impale Stabs into your opponents vital areas for X DAMAGE.
Corruption Corruption spreads to your target, reducing their toughness by X for X SECONDS and inflicting X DAMAGE.
Tainted Claw An Ailing attack inflicting X DAMAGE and makes the victim resist X% of incoming heals for X SECONDS. If target is Crippled, they suffer the effects for X SECONDS
Wave Of Horror All enemies within X FEET are detaunted, making them hate you less and reducing the X DAMAGE they deal against you by X% for X SECONDS. During this time, all of your attacks will cause enemies to hate you X% less than normal. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end.
Gift of Monstrosity You are imbued with the Gift of Monstrosity, warping and twisting the flesh of your arm into a vicious club. This grants you improved Toughness well as the ability to launch powerful club attacks.
Touch of Rot Spreads an agonizing rot to your opponent for X SECONDS, inflicting X DAMAGE whenever they use a melee ability.
Death Grip Disarms your target for X SECONDS, making them unable to use melee or ranged weapons.
Convulsive Slashing You continually slice at an enemy for up to X SECONDS, striking them up to 5 times and dealing X DAMAGE per hit. This effect will end if you break your concentration or run out of action points.
Touch of Instability Target loses control over their magic, and for X SECONDS will inflict X DAMAGE to themselves whenever they use magic.
Mutating Release Your bones and muscles twist and contort to free you from any root or snaring effects.
Demolition A widespread attack that inflicts X DAMAGE to all targets up to X FEET in front of you.
Terrible Embrace Extends a tendril of energy to pull an opposing player towards you. Monster targets will be dragged to the ground.
Ferocious Assault Chaotic winds and daemonic fury combine to increase your Strength and Toughness by X for X SECONDS.
Mutated Energy Disrupted Magic is twisted back into the caster, inflicting X DAMAGE and knocking them down for 3 seconds.
Pulverize Inflicts X DAMAGE and lowers your targets ability to parry by X% and their ability to block by X% for X SECONDS.
Gut Ripper A savage attack that guts your opponent for X DAMAGE, and makes your next attack within 5 seconds automatically critical.
Gift of Release Releases your current mutation.
Marauder Spec Abilities
Wave of Mutilation A wave of horror spreads forth from you, dealing X DAMAGE over X SECONDS to all enemies within X FEET and reducing their Weapon Skill by X and Initiative by X.
Cutting Claw Undefendable claw attack that deals X DAMAGE and reduces targets armor by X% for X SECONDS.
Draining Swipe You quickly rake your target twice, dealing X DAMAGE with each hit. The victim will regain action points X% more slowly for X SECONDS.
Guillotine Requires target to be below 50% healthA powerful blow inflicting X DAMAGE to a weakened target.
Mutated Aggressor Chaotic energy surges through you, increasing all the X DAMAGE you inflict by X% for X SECONDS.
Wave of Terror Wildly lashes out at all targets directly in front of you, dealing X DAMAGE and removing X morale from your victims.
Concussive Jolt A great wave of concussive force knocks down all targets X FEET in front of you, inflicting X DAMAGE.
Thunderous Blow A blow to the head which disorients the target, inflicting X DAMAGE and increasing build times by X SECONDS for X SECONDS.
Wrecking Ball Spinning in a circle with club arm extended, aimlessly inflicting X DAMAGE every half second to all targets within X FEET for up to X SECONDS. This effect will end if you break your concentration or run out of action points.
Marauder Tactics
Subvert Strength Any time you critically hit an enemy, you will regain X ACTIONPOINTS. Tactic can not trigger more than once every 3 seconds.
Brush Off Increases your chance to Disrupt enemy magic by X%.
Rend Asunder Increases Rend's duration by an additional 6 seconds.
Deeply Impaled Any time you Impale an enemy, they will become X% more susceptible to being critically hit for X SECONDS.
Feeding On Fear Any time you critically hit an enemy, your chance to critically hit will be increased byX% for X SECONDS, but you will also become X% more susceptible to being critically hit.
Unending Horror Increases Wave Of Horror's duration to X SECONDS.
Widespread Demolition Increased Demolition's radius to X FEET.
Piercing Bite All of your abilities which require a Mutation will now bypass X% of your enemy's armor.
Marauder Spec Tactics
Scything Talons Gift of Savagery further increases your Weapon Skill and Initiative by X.
Exhaustive Strikes Any time you critically hit an enemy while Mutated, they will lose X ACTIONPOINTS.
Deadly Clutch Tainted Claw will now reduce all healing used on the victim by X%.
Corrupted Edge Gift of Brutality further increases your Strength and Initiative by X.
Growing Instability The power of Chaos begins to take control of your body as you become wounded, causing all of your critical hits to deal additional bonus X DAMAGE. This effect will become more potent as your health slips away, ranging from a X% increase when you have 90% hit points remaining, up to a X% increase when you have 10% hit points remaining.
Unstable Convulsions Convulsive Slashing now gains a 50% chance to remove an Enchantment from the victim each time that it hits them. Each time an Enchantment is successfully removed, they will suffer X DAMAGE.
Hulking Brute Gift of Monstrosity further increases your Toughness by x.
Insane Whispers Mouth of Tzeentch will now disorient your enemies for X SECONDS, causing all of their abilities to take an additional X SECONDS to build up.
Crushing Blows While you are using the Gift Of Monstrosity, all of your hits have a 25% chance to remove X points of Morale from the enemy.
Marauder Morale
Flames Of Fate You are engulfed in the chaotic flames of fate, healing yourself for HEALTH.
Great Fang A mighty swing attack that inflicts X DAMAGE to all targets X FEET in front of you.
Tzeentch's Reversal Melee attack that deals X DAMAGE and returns all of that X DAMAGE as health.
Marauder Spec Morale
Lashing Power For X SECONDS, each time you are hit, there is a 33% chance that an enemy within X FEET is randomly lifetaped for the X DAMAGE you just received.
Forked Aggression For X SECONDS, all X DAMAGE dealt to you is mirrored back to the attacker with a 50% boost.
Energy Ripple A large burst of power courses through you, dealing X DAMAGE to all targets within X FEET, knocking back all targets around you and stunning them for X SECONDS.
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