Character Classes for Chaos, Chosen, Magus, Zealot, Marauder

Only the most capable of the tribes that call the Northern Wastes home survive, for it is in the crucible of constant battle that the fell gods of Chaos select their minions. For those found worthy, there is no end to the profane gifts that their daemonic masters are willing to grant. It is these champions of Chaos that storm south to the lands of civilized men in search of glory and war.


archetype: Tank special mechanic: Curses

class details: Fighters specializing in group offense, the Chosen surround themselves with harmful auras. These curses damage or negatively impact any opponent that closes with the Chosen, who can have up to three curses active at any time.

description: Do not be mislead by appearances, for they are the first weapon of the Chosen. Covered from head to toe in unholy armor, wielding massive weapons capable of rending enemies limb from limb, the Chosens are hulking figures of dread and terror on the battlefield - but woe to the enemy who dismisses them as simple brutes! Tzeentch's Chosen are cunning warriors who can bring forth a whisper of the Ruinous Powers into this world, dooming their enemies to a fate that is, perhaps, worse than a simple death.

mechanic: The Chosen have been blessed by Tzeentch with several dark gifts, powers of Chaos which they can grasp and pull into this world through their very bodies. These powers pour forth from within their massive armor, and spill out as profane auras. In additional to causing an immediate effect when they first burst out from the Chosen's grasp, these lingering effects will continue to empower the player for several moments, allowing them to unleash melee attacks fueled by the unholy power of Tzeentch himself.

master classes:

Dread   A Mastery path focused on offense.
The Path of Retaliation is a cunning Mastery for those who prefer to outlast their enemies, letting their foes beat in futility on a massive shield until they're exhausted, and then crushing them with deliberate and vicious attacks. A specialist in Retaliation will be the person who defines where the lines of battle will be drawn, since they -are- the front lines.

Corruption   A Mastery path focused on counters and defense.
The Path of Strife is focused on directly and brutally crushing your foes. A master of Strife will be likely to favor a Greatweapon instead of a shield, greatly increasing their offensive power at the cost of sacrificing the protections that a shield would otherwise offer. They will be easily capable of picking up a shield when the situation calls for it...but they won't be happy about it.

Discord   A Mastery path focused on magical attacks and disruption.
The Path of Discord is one that delves more deeply into Tzeentch's gifts, and masters of Discord more fully understand how to manipulate the Chaos forces that swirl within them. They can unleash blasts of magical power, or twist the magical energies to unnaturally enhance their melee attacks. Their understanding of the nature of magic is still relatively shallow, however, and they cannot hope to approach the skill or power of a true magus, but even their brief flashes of otherworldly energy are enough to empower them as potent melee combatants.

Chosen - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.


archetype: Ranged DPS special mechanic: Daemon Summoning

class details: A defensive ranged fighter who specializes in summoning daemonic aid and casting offensive magic. The Magus many daemonic minions include Disks, Horrors and Flamers of Tzeentch, which allow them to prepare a battlefield for ambush or defense.

description: A Magus of Tzeentch is a devoted follower of the Raven God, and spends his entire lifetime studying pure sorcery with a fevered intensity. Desperate for even a bare glimpse of Tzeentch's great plan, the Magus has learned through his research that Tzeentch's daemonic minions are creations and reflection of the Great Changer, and he focuses his search for knowledge obsessively on this fact - for perhaps, by understanding the servant, he may better understand the master.

mechanic: The Magus can call forth several different types of daemonic fiends, but can only maintain the concentration needed to restrain a single one at a time. A clever Magus therefore makes sure to best fit his summoning to his need: a Pink Horror which flings bolts of fire corruption at distant enemies, a Blue Horror which spews out waves of warping energy around itself, or a Flamer which spits blasts of fire at groups of enemies.

master classes:

Havoc   A Mastery path focused on damage from afar.
This path focuses on long-range attacks, and primarily focuses on destroying a single target at a time. A master of this path will typically call forth a Pink Horror to help him slaughter his enemies from a safe distance.

Changing   A Mastery path focused on faster casting shorter range damage.
A specialist in this path understands that change waits for no man, and that Tzeentch demands speed and swiftness in those who serve. The cost of this decision is that his spells dissipate more rapidly into the Winds and therefore are only effective at moderate ranges, but a master of this path is a quick and adaptable sorcerer who uses a summoned Flamer to great effect.

Daemonology   A Mastery path focused on daemons and close combat.
This path is primarily focused on exploiting the warped and twisted daemonic Disc that the Magus rides, tapping into its power to unleash massive blasts of power at close range. In conjunction with a summoned Blue Horror, a specialist in this path can rend and shatter everything around him, leaving a trail of ruin and destruction in his wake.

Magus - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.


archetype: Healer special mechanic: Dark Rituals

class details: A ranged support career specializing in Dark Rituals, Zealots mark their allies using the dark arts. These Marks bolster their allies and give them access to additional powers granted by the Gods of Chaos. In addition, Zealots can use rituals to warp the magical energies around them to sap the strength from their opponents.

description: The Zealot is a fanatical orator, intent on spreading the glory of the Raven God throughout theland and serving the will of the Great Changer. Draped with ritual vestments and tools of sacrifice, the Zealot can imbue various talismans and potions with the primordeal power of Chaos. These items become potent magical conduits though which he can mend wounds, enhance his allies, and plague his enemies with unholy scourges.

mechanic: Zealots are some of the few mortals who can call forth a Mark Of Tzeentch upon living flesh, branding their allies as sanctified soldiers of the Changer Of Ways. These Marks will not only bolster their holders far beyond normal human limitations, but also serve as direct conduits to the powers of Tzeentch himself, allowing their bearers to gain entirely new abilities. A Zealot can also desecrate a patch of land with a Dark Rituals & Rites, marking that spot as claimed by Tzeentch and crippling any unbelievers who dare tread upon it.

master classes:

Alchemy   A Mastery path focused on healing and restorative powers.
The Path of Alchemy is the Zealot's primary healing mastery. A specialist in Alchemy will become a mighty healer, capable of mending the most grievous wounds and ensuring that Tzeentch's armies live to see their enemies fall before them. While a player who selects this Mastery may not necessarily gain the most powerful offensive capabilities, they will have absolutely no problems finding allies to protect them and do their bidding.

Witchcraft   A Mastery path focused on offensive and damaging powers.
The Path of Witchcraft is for a Zealot who chooses to make himself into a talon of Tzeentch, reaching out to slaughter his enemies through magical attacks. These manifest themselves as deadly portents of chaos. Flocks of shrieking ravens may fall upon a Zealot's foe to consume their flesh, or strange demonic manifestations may appear out of thin air to lash at his foes.

Dark Rites   A Mastery path focused on hindering foes and strengthening allies.
The Path of Rituals is focused on warping the entire balance of power across a battlefield, skewing the fight to bring about the inevitable triumph of Tzeentch's followers. They are just as proficient at enhancing their allies as they are at stunting their enemies - and, in fact, can do both at the same time.

Zealot - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.


archetype: Melee DPS special mechanic: Mutations

class details: An offensive brawler, Marauders are all about getting face to face with their opponents and pounding them into dust. Marauders rely on choosing the proper mutation for the situation at hand, and each mutation unlocks additional special abilities that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

description: The Marauder is Tzeentch's favored agent of destruction, and has been granted the simplest and purest gift that the Raven Lord can give: change. The Marauder changes his very blood, bone, and body to reshape himself into a perfect warrior, capable of wreaking havoc and mayhem upon any foes who dare to cross him. He is, by necessity, only lightly-armored, since any more solid protection would merely be rent asunder as his warped and corrupted flesh distorted within it, but he ensures victory by simply slaughtering his enemies before they can react.

mechanic: There are three different mutations that the Marauder can reshape his body into, each of which serves a specific purpose and offers its own benefits. By changing his very body as needed, the Marauder is capable of dispatching most any enemy, but he must always be aware of the flow of battle and ready to mutate into a different form as necessary. A Marauder who chooses poorly will find his punishment to be swift and immediate, for he is helpless and vulnerable during the few moments that it takes his body to flow into a new form, and a perceptive enemy will leap at the chance to take advantage of this brief window of weakness.

master classes:

Savagery   A Mastery path focused on lingering effects and weakening foes.
The Path of Savagery leads to a Marauder changing their arm into a monstrous claw, capable of tearing at enemies to cripple and hinder them while they quickly bleed to death. While perhaps not dealing as much immediately obvious damage as his other mutations, a master of Savagery kills his enemies in a more insidious way, weakening the target steadily so that they never realize just how much danger they're in until it's already too late.

Brutality   A Mastery path focused on inflicting heavy damage to a single opponent.
The Path of Brutality is focused around the Marauder's ability to warp his arm into a sharpened spike of bone. This blade-like appendage can deal horrifying injuries to an enemy, and a player specialized deeply in Brutality will likely be dealing the most damage possible against a single enemy, especially if the foe is distracted by others.

Monstrosity   A Mastery path focused on fighting multiple opponents at once.
The Path of Monstrosity focuses on the Marauder mutating their arm into a hideous club-like bludgeon of flesh and gore. The master of Monstrosity can use the massive bulk of their warped arm to defend themselves somewhat, and can sweep their limb around in broad, arcing swings, capable of damaging several enemies with each single smash.

Marauder - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.

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