Character Classes for Greenskins, Black Orc, Goblin Shaman, Squig Herder

For countless generations, the green menace has plagued every corner of the Old World. They exist for the thrill of battle alone, and relish any chance to prove that they are the world's best and cruelest warriors. Their thundering battle cry, "Waaagh!" has signaled the demise of countless enemies over the ages.

Black Orc

archetype: Tank special mechanic: Brawling

class details: Black Orcs love a good brawl, and always manage to get into the thick of them. Their onslaught of attacks allow Black Orcs to press forward into the fray with a continuous flow of strikes, unlocking more abilities with each successive blow.

description: Black Orcs love a good brawl, and are always the first ones to charge into the hectic chaos of combat. Over enough generations, this has ensured that the only surviving Black Orcs are the toughest of the tough and the meanest of the mean, resulting in a group known for their brutality and sturdiness even among other Greenskins.

mechanic: Black Orcs are master tacticians, and brilliant combat fighters without intellectual peer among the Greenskins, for they can actually formulate and follow a detailed and complex battle plan. Some warriors of other races have been known to occasionally point out that a Black Orc's plans somehow seem to consist of nothing more than progressing from "Hit 'im!" to "Oi, 'e's still standing, hit 'im again!", and then back to "Him 'im!" again...but they're careful not to sound mocking or dismissive, for in the hands of a Black Orc, such a plan is crushingly effective.

master classes:

Da' Brawler   A Mastery path focused on stabbin' things.
A master of this path believes that the best way to win a fight is through choppin' the other guy into little pieces quickly. He scoffs at the thought of using a shield, since that just makes it harder to swing a massive Big Choppa around, and he doesn't need anything getting between him and his choppin'!

Da' Toughest   A Mastery path focused on survivability which means mor' killin' later.
A specialist in this path sees the wisdom in using a massive shield and taking care to defend himself against attacks - after all, while choppin' is grand fun, living through the fight so that he can do some more choppin' later is an appealing prospect as well.

Da' Boss   A Mastery path focused on buffs and group support, cause everyone has some killin' ta do.
If there's one thing that an Orc Boss can do better than anyone, it's yelling at those who aren't as big as him. A specialist in this path has had long practice at yelling, shouting, and encouraging his group to fight onwards and be strong - although it's still a point of military debate whether the Orc's allies are actually inspired to press forward and fight, or whether they're simply trying to get the Orc to stop his deafening bellows and reeking breath.

Black Orc - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.

Goblin Shaman

archetype: Healer special mechanic: WAAAGH!

class details: While capable healers at any time, Shaman are at their peak when in the grip of a WAAAGH! frenzy. By pummeling their enemies with destructive spells, Shaman get worked up into a WAAAGH!-fueled craze, which they then draw upon to power their healing abilities.

description: Any time the Greenskins declare a WAAAGH! and go to war (which is to say, any time they go anywhere), their endless thirst for battle produces an almost-palpable energy in the air. Over time, clever Goblins learned to harness the power of the WAAAGH!, and Shaman take advantage of this to support their allies in combat.

mechanic: Channeling the WAAAGH! power, Shaman can produce all types of spectacular green magic, which he can unleash as a testament to the might of the Greenskin dieties, Gork and Mork. Greenskins are a little unclear on exactly which god it is that they worship at any given moment, however, so the Shaman decide to play it safe and offer up power to both. This constant back-and-forth between Mork and Gork allows a Shaman to greatly improve his magic, making their dimutive figures into unexpectedly powerful forces on the battlefield.

master classes:

Mork   A Mastery path focused on healing and restorative powers.
This path is primarily focused on healing and restoring the Shaman's allies. As he casts spells from this path, the Shaman builds up the power of Mork's WAAAGH!, which he can then use to fling swift and powerful offensive magic. Because of this, many an enemy who dismissed a Morkish specialist as unthreatening has quickly learned a brutal - and fatal - lesson.

Gork   A Mastery path focused on offensive and damaging powers.
A specialist in this path prefers to destroy his enemies first, and tend to his allies later. By blasting his enemies into oblivion, the Shaman builds up the power of Gork's WAAAGH!, which can then be used to hasten and improve his healing magics.

Da Green   A Mastery path focused on hindering and weakening foes.
Not wanting to get caught between Gork and Mork, a master of this path simply declares that green is best, and promptly goes about making his allies even greener and better than they were before. Naturally, anyone who isn't green must be put into their place, and a specialist in this path is equally adept at crippling and hindering his enemies as well.

Goblin Shaman - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.

Goblin Squig Herder

archetype: Ranged DPS special mechanic: Squig pets

class details: Goblins aren't exactly known for their fortitude or strength, so the clever Squig Herders use a pack of Squigs to do the hard work, while they stand back and safely pepper their enemies with arrows. Though they can keep only a single Squig under their control at any given time, the sheer arsenal of Squigs at their disposal make them valuable in nearly any situation.

description: Goblins aren't exactly known for their fortitude or strength, so the clever Squig Herder uses a pack of squigs to do the hard work for him while he stands safely away and unleashes a rain of deadly arrows.

mechanic: Through a combination of poking, prodding, yelling, and throwing raw meat, a Squig Herder has managed to...well...not exactly "tame" a pack of squigs, but certainly get them to at least run when he stabs them. The Squig Herder has the means to deal with any combat situation through the wide array of squigs at his disposal - and sometimes, they are quite literally at his disposal, as his pets have an unsettling habit of being eaten or exploding.

master classes:

Big Shootin'   A Mastery path focused on long range bow combat.
A specialist in this path is more than happy to stand far, far back from the fight and let his squig pets distract the enemies while he peppers them with arrows from a safe distance. Those who dismiss Goblins for their small stature quickly learn not to underestimate the Squig Herder's powerful bow and keen aim, and many an enemy's final dying thought has been that perhaps they should've paid more attention to the Goblin than the squig.

Stabbin'   A Mastery path focused on toe-to-toe combat.
Some goblins are simply more bloodthirsty than others, and a master of this path prefers to use his bow simply as a means to weaken and hinder his enemy, allowing him to move in and dispatch them quickly with his crude yet brutal spear. Fighting side-by-side with his squig pets, the Squig Herder who selects this path is always gleeful to find himself in the middle of a messy fight.

Quick Shootin'   A Mastery path focused on short range and moving bow combat.
A clever master of this path uses the Goblins' inherent tendancies towards twitching and running in his favor, and has learned to quickly snap off bow shots while moving.around. While he pays for this mobility at the cost of range, as he can't shoot as far without taking the time to stop and brace his bow, the speed and flexibility that he gains ensures that he can always stay out of harm's reach.

Goblin Squig Herder - Abilities, Tactics and Morale.

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