Greenskin Chapter 1 PQ
Ugrog's Rage

Ugrog's Rage Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 1

location: Snouts' Pen, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 1

PQ Lore: Ugrog the Giant is a temperamental Giant currently in the employ of Skarzag. As long as he is fed a steady stream of beer he is happy. He lives outside the main camp where his occasional rages do the least damage. Squigs have escaped from their nearby pens and are plaguing the Giant by nipping at his heels. This distraction is keeping Ugrog from his beer. If he does not get his beer soon, the volatile Giant is likely to do something rash.

Stage 1: Annoying Squigs

Stage 2: Collect Beer Barrels

Stage 3: Dulgrek Ironmane

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