Chaos Chapter 6 PQ
zone: Ostland

Silkens Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 6

location: Felde, Troll Country, Chapter 6

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Reaper's Circle, Wayshrine of Sigmar

PQ Lore: The spider lair in Ostland is known by many names, but the most commonly-used is Silkendale. Few places in the Old World are as tightly-held by the giant spiders as this one is, and few names evoke as much fear of the eight-legged creatures as does Silkendale.

Stage 1: Cocooned Marauders burned

Stage 2: Eggs destroyed

Stage 3: Patriarch Silken

comments and responses

there is not much time to destroy the eggs in stage 2 so you have to work fast. each time you damage an egg you are going to get a couple champion spiders on you. we had a warparty of 8 and final got this done.
24/09/2008 00:15

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